It feels good to be back….

Not saying that the coronavirus is a good thing because it certainly is not!  But the silver lining in the cloud is that it’s given me the time to return to my writing.

I am working from home so my days are still quite full but no longer having a commute to work and being mandated to stay at home have freed up a lot of my time.

Now it took me awhile to get to this point. I’ve never worked from home before so I had a huge adjustment curve which I’ll admit was not easy for me at all. I went through many days of trial and error of figuring out the best way to be effective and productive working from home.

I still don’t have it down pact but I have finally felt the inspiration come back to write. Each day I wake up with more energy and drive than before and now I’m brimming with the desire to write.

I don’t know yet what I’ll write next. Maybe you could help me? What should I write about next? What do YOU want to hear about from me?

I’m open to suggestions 🙂

blonde hair blur daylight environment
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