Many people think being tall is so amazing

And it does have its perks but can I just talk about how difficult it is to buy pants for a minute?

You go into a store and you see a beautiful pair of pants that you know would look great on you! You look for your size (waist) and head to the dressing room.

You’re all excited about these pants until you look up into the mirror.

They are too short!

Those awesome bell-bottom- pants that are back in style, I can’t wear because they are never long enough.

And I end up looking like Steve Urkel from Family Matters instead.

However, through my pageant training, one of the things I learned is that unfortunately not every style is meant for every one. You have to wear what looks best for your body type.

So for tall girls like me, I had to look for the fitted pants. And not skinny jeans either

This is because not only am I tall but I also have a lot of hips so skinny jeans make my hips look bigger.

For me, the best look for me is fitted pants that come up to my waist and not mid-hip to accentuate my curves and look perfect for my height.

So all in all, it used to be a chore to find nice fitting pants but once I knew what I was looking for this made quite the difference in how I shopped.

Now I’m off to ponder the next #tallgirlproblem: cramped airplane seats.

I don’t always get nitpicky about clothes but it irked today as I put on a pair of pants and tried to magically make them grow 5 inches lol

As always, leave a comment and let me know what you think. What challenges do you face when shopping for clothes?


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