Cayman Reporter Article

1 It’s roughly six weeks since you won the title. How have you found being Miss Cayman?

I was once asked which was more difficult, competing for the title or having the title of Miss Cayman. And I have to say competing was more challenging because of how hard we all worked with a huge level of uncertainty in not knowing who would win. Now it is a feeling of euphoria because the hard work has paid off and I get to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

2 what have been the highlights for you and what do you enjoy doing most?

Since I was crowned, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many local organizations and media personalities and each person I’ve encountered has been amazing to work with or meet. For me, there have been so many memorable moments so far. But if I have to pick my top two, I would say they are the speech I gave at the Annual HR Conference put on by the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals. I had attended this conference for 3 years and watched so many notable speakers before me so I almost couldn’t believe it when I had been chosen to be in the speaker line-up this year along with Grace Byers, another successful Caymanian woman. And second would be my first official trip with the Department of Tourism (DOT) to Ft Lauderdale to host the launch of Southwest airlines to the Cayman Islands. This was my first opportunity to demonstrate Caymankind to people who have never been to Cayman. I think I did a good job and hope that I’ve encouraged more people to visit the Cayman Islands. Not to mention the staff at DOT and Pirates Week are amazing!

3 what’s your itinerary like in the next few weeks?

My itinerary is packed full of adventures and new opportunities for me to represent as an ambassador for the Cayman Islands. I’ve started a youth initiative called Youth Rebelution, where I hope to teach teens to rebel against low expectations and will be hosting several events over the next few weeks. Please check out the website for more details. We also have heard that Miss Universe might be happening in November so I will be starting my pageant training soon. This is very exciting and I’m starting to feel butterflies already.

4 how do you manage to fit all your Miss Cayman commitments in with your day job?

The question of the century! It is certainly not easy to fit in a full time job as well as being an ambassador for my country. But thankfully I have a really good support group that help me stay on top of things. My HR team at CUC have been fully supportive of the time I have to be away and we help each other out. The Miss Cayman Islands committee helps me manage my appearances and takes care of the logistics in the background. My sponsors Renaissance Salon and Edge Athletics make sure that I look my best at all times. My family and friends encourage me and are there for me when I need them. And most importantly I put my trust in God that He will guide me always. I can never say it enough but thank you to everyone who has helped me to get to this point in my life.

5 what’s the general response from the public when you’re out?

Excited, happy and elated even? My interaction with the public has got to be by far one of my favorite parts of being Miss Cayman. When I meet people they seem so full of energy, and they pride in their eyes moves me to tears sometimes. They want to take pictures and for me to talk to their kids or friends. It’s amazing how a pageant can bring people together. I even have fans in the Philippines already! They asked me to make a fan sign for them and I had to google it because I had no idea what that was!

6 has the criticism on social media died down and how did you cope with detractors?

The criticism has died down significantly to the point that I haven’t heard anything much. And to be honest, I try not to listen to any negative comments made about myself. How can I focus on being my best if I listen to negative critique? I prefer to surround myself with positive people who are going to lift me up and help me reach my goals.

7 anything else?

Six months ago I was on a journey to Miss Cayman and now I am on a new journey, to Miss Universe. With the international pageant coming up, the Miss Cayman Islands committee and I will be reaching out for sponsorship to help me be successful at the pageant. It’s not easy to compete internationally so we hope that individuals and businesses will be able to come on-board and support financially. Cayman has not had a Miss Universe winner yet but if we all come together you never know what we could accomplish. Winning the title would be a dream come true for me, to really put Cayman on the map!

8. How have you grown in the past few months?

Over the past few months I have grown exponentially as a person. Being Miss Cayman Islands, has given me the opportunity to be more involved in my community. Recently I have attended events like the Veteran’s Association Gala dinner and the Cayman Cup Tennis tournament. The beauty of community involvement is that while you are helping others you learn a lot about yourself as well. I’ve learned that I am very resilient when challenges arise, my impromptu speaking skills have improved significantly and most importantly the confidence to be myself above all else.
9. What has been the highlight of your reign so far?
I have so many memorable moments I don’t know how I would choose just one. But I think a highlight I would choose would be seeing students grow in confidence. II attended a youth group a few months back and a young man came up to me afterward to say that I am truly enough and he was inspired by me. That was truly memorable.



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