Real Queens Fix Each Others Crowns

Wow it’s been two weeks without a post!

I’ll admit that I hit that famous writer’s block. That is the most insane feeling! Not knowing what to write and not feeling inspired to write anything. And things have also been a bit rough the last few weeks but I’ll address that in a later post when I’ve had the chance to process it all.

So without further ado! I present to you to this week’s post.

I’ve met a lot of people in my life and so when I come across genuine souls, I truly appreciate them.

I’m guilty of not always letting people know how much I appreciate them or simply cheering them on in their successes but there is one such person I would like to recognize right now who to me displays true qualities of a Queen.

And that is Mahalia Seymour.


I’ve had the privilege of competing with her twice in the Miss Cayman Islands pageant and both times I am amazed by her humility and care for other people, despite the fact that it was a competition.

The expectation in pageants is that it’s every woman for herself. No sharing clothes or hair tips. No helping each other if our outfit looks out of place or if we’re doing something wrong. Everything thinks it’s a cat fight every day, ripping each other’s false eyelashes off. (which is hilarious to even think about!)

But this girl defied all of that. Most rehearsals she was sharing her beauty secrets with the rest of us. Like her natural body scrub made of brown sugar and saran wrap or doing planks right before a photo shoot to show the definition on your stomach.


She didn’t hesitate to stop and help a fellow contestant if they were struggling on a turn or if I forgot the routine for the opening number (which did happen because I have bad memory!)

And all of this while going through her own silent battles. I won’t share those battles out of respect for her privacy. That will be a story you have to ask her to share.

But she has been through a lot and still manages to laugh, smile and provide encouragement for others. Her bubbly personality is infectious and has the ability to make me laugh no matter what is happening in my life.

My hat goes off to you Mahalia.

You may be small in stature but you will always be an Iron Giant with a big heart in my eyes. 🙂

You have been a true inspiration for me and I want to publicly acknowledge what an amazing person you are.


It was an honor to compete with you and I wish you nothing but the best in all that you do.

Yours truly

A letter from a Small Fry to an Iron Giant ❤

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