Cayman’s Next Top Model…?

Runway practice was yet another daunting task.

~Side Note~

It’s amazing when you look back at things you were once petrified of and you realize that there really was no need to be afraid.

~End Side Note~


Back to me shaking in my boots.

First runway practice back in September 2014. We were to show up in leggings and a tank top with heels. As a person supremely conscious of her weight at the time, I owned nothing tight fighting. Everything was loose so it could hide my rolls lol.

But I found the closest fitting tank top I had and the only pair of leggings I owned, picked up my heels and went to runway practice.

Let the intimidation begin.

We each had to walk by ourselves down an imaginary runway in one of the exercise rooms of the gym we used for our practices. As I predicted these girls were on fire with their catwalk! There were a couple of girls who obviously modeled and had extensive runway practice.

Well I wasn’t going to let them intimate me, I told myself. I may not be a model but I got my mom’s hips and long legs so I’m going to flaunt it, baby!

I walked, I strutted, I turned, I winked, I smiled. I did it all!

Suffice to say my runway walk did not look as impressive as I thought or look like the other girls and I was mortified to have gone in front of these experienced girls and trainers and act like I knew what I was doing when I had no clue! I’m pretty sure they were secretly laughing at me.

I didn’t want to go back.

The trainers encouraged us to go home, watch videos of past pageants, take some tips from the top winners and practice our walk.

I figured I’ve already embarrassed myself so what did I have to lose by following their advice? I watched videos of previous Miss USA, Miss Universe AND Miss World pageants and tried to copy their walk.

I felt like an idiot walking in my tiny room with 5 inch heels, staring at myself in the mirror.

Stand up tall, shoulders back, hold in your stomach, swing your hips, smile, but don’t look crazy or like a robot, look at the audience, don’t stumble, don’t fall, keep your arm swing even and graceful.

There were a lot of things to remember for a simple 30 second walk on stage.

I thought I would never get it.

It wasn’t until one day halfway through the months of training that I would realize I had gotten it. We were at runway training one day and as per the norm, after each girl did her runway walk, the trainers would comment on what they did well and how they could improve.

After I walked down our imaginary runway, our trainer said to me, “you’re good. you don’t need to do anything.” It meant I had vastly improved from teh girl who walked into the room on the first day, shy, awkward, and unsure.


I jumped for joy inside. “Yes!” the hard work paid off. My confidence soared!

But this joy was short lived as I remembered we were still 2 months away from the final night and the other girls were also practicing and were getting better too.

This meant I couldn’t get comfortable with my achievement. I had to keep improving.

How did that pan out?….

I’ll let you know next week! 🙂

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~Authentic Anika~


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