And the Winner Is….

So now we’ve covered an overall general history that tells you nothing about me! LOL

But really since my last blog post was so long I’ll make this one a bit shorter. After I won, I got asked multiple times what was my crowning moment like. This is one of my favorite stories.

So there we are standing on stage in a line, nervous as can be! Wondering who will be the next Miss Cayman Islands and they call the 2nd runner up and then 1st runner up.

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I was happy for both ladies as I know they worked really hard throughout the pageant. I watched them grow and bloom in 6 months and I felt so proud to have journeyed with them.

Even with all the hard work I put in I didn’t think I would win. I mean after all, the first time I went into the Miss Cayman Islands pageant, a lot of people thought I would win and I didn’t even place. So why would I believe it now?

So there I am standing with this big grin on my face trying to keep my composure as they prepare to announce the winner. In my head, all I’m thinking is how to be a good sport, mask my disappointment of losing for the second time and still be happy for the new winner.

Thinking about all of that, meant I wasn’t really listening when the announcer stated contestant #5 as the winner. Contestant #5? Who is that? Wait, that’s my number. That’s me!

In the videos after, I saw that there was a 10 second delay of the news sinking in, you can see the shock register on my face. It was hilarious to watch!

It was a surreal moment. My dreams were coming true!  I looked at my mom, my sisters and my family. The smiles on their faces was full of joy. I almost cried. We won! Because this was not just a win for me. We were all in this together. They were there for me throughout my entire journey, helping, coaching, driving, crying, laughing, supporting me all the way. Even when I was frustrated with my progress or saddened because of setbacks, they were there for me. This win was as much theirs as it was mine.

That was by far one of the happiest moments in my life. A moment that always makes my heart feel light like a cloud when I think of it.

You can watch a reply of my crowning moment below.

What has been your “crowning” moment? What has been the happiest moment in YOUR life? Let me know what you think in the comments.



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