Since today marks the Orientation for finding the next Miss Cayman, I thought it would also be fitting for me to take you through the training and the challenges that got me there, starting with my first Orientation.

The first step in beauty pageants is to remember that the judging starts from the Orientation.

This was something I had forgotten when I first entered the pageant in 2014. The morning of the Orientation, I was rushing with my mom and my sisters to find an outfit. When we finally did, I stuck in some extensions, threw on some lip gloss and walked into the Orientation room with my head held high and then it came crashing down when I saw all these gorgeous, slim and fit girls with their hair and makeup done, looking flawless.

And there I was, this frumpy looking chubby girl, who had recently gotten too much sun, who couldn’t tell you the difference between blush and translucent powder! (which I can gladly tell you now 🙂 )

I lost all my confidence at that moment but the trooper that I am, I sucked it up and hid it behind a smile.

Anika Conolly - first Miss Cayman photo

They led us through the day, doing hair and makeup consultations, information about what to expect, mock interviews and the worst part for me was the weigh-in.

Would I still be able to enter after they see the number? Would I get funny looks for it? What am I doing here? Why did I decide to enter again?

All thoughts running through my head before stepping on that scale.

“All done.” The nutritionist doing the weigh-in said. She gave me some tips on diet and exercise to help me as I train for the pageant and then she sent me on my way.

Well that was easy I thought. And yes, that really was the easy part. All the hard stuff came afterwards!

But the picture I’ve chosen for this article is the picture that was taken that day. Not one I’m pleased with but one that I’m proud to share as it is me, unapologetically me.

Some people like to hide who they were or what they looked like before the present time but I like to share because who I was and what I looked like before are what helped me to become the person I am today. To sit here and tell you that I woke up like this would be a lie. Although some days I do wake up like this #swag lol

But all jokes aside, the process to becoming your best you is a long and worthwhile journey.  To look back at the past does not mean you’ll go back or be stuck there but what it does is allow you to smile at your successes and be happy at the progress you’ve made.

Be bold, be proud, be YOU!

If you’re liking what I’m sharing, leave a message in the comments.

See you next week!

~Authentic Anika~


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