Me? A book?

When I sat down to speak with Chris Bailey, President of the Cayman Islands HR Society, to talk about the speech I would give at the annual HR Conference for 2017, he said something to me that stuck and is now one of my new goals.

He said I should write a book that would tell my story. He said I should journal throughout my journey as Miss Cayman and write a book about my experience.


One year later and the idea stuck. But I have no clue how to write a book. So I did like any other millennial would do and I searched it up on Google.

I found an article on Goins, Writer with 10 tips on how to write a book. So I’m going to use those tips as a guideline. And this blog will help me to document my experience and get my book written.

What is this experience some of you may ask and who am I? Allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Anika Conolly, and I am Miss Cayman Islands 2017. The experience I will be sharing is my story, before, during and after winning the title.

A lot of people have asked me what I will do after giving up my crown? What is next for me? And at the time I honestly didn’t know. And then when I thought about it, I figured I would just go back to the world of work, sinking in to the background. But what fun would that be?

I’m still not sure yet what exactly is next but I’m eager to find out. This blog will be one way of doing so.

So I hope you will journey with me as I discover my “next”, and the story that is waiting to be told. And maybe you’ll discover your “next” as well.

Look out for a new chapter every week. Feel free to leave me a comment 🙂

See you next week!

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